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Sovereign code infrastructure

Radicle 🌱 enables developers 🧙 to securely 🔐 collaborate on software over a peer-to-peer network 🌐 built on Git.


A network powered by seed nodes. No central servers. No censorship.

Designed for the CLI

Manage and publish projects from the command line.

Own your identity

Link your ENS name to create a sovereign developer identity.

Check out code published on the Radicle network

Get started with the Radicle CLI.

The Radicle CLI is a set of command-line tools that allow developers to manage software and publish code securely on the Radicle network.

$ rad push
Pushing 🌱 to remote `rad`
Everything up-to-date

Select a seed node to sync with...

Syncing 🌱 project rad:git:hnrkqi6ohci9m59i54ppiy3fqkedkjt99ymdo to

ok Syncing delegate identity hnrkqdpm9ub19oc8dccx44echy76hzfsezyio...
ok Fetching remotes...
ok Project synced.

🌱 Your project is synced and available at: